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this site is dedicated to all the DIVAS that love beauty and fashion, with a spiritual twist.

The true meaning of DIVA

Posted By mechelle003 on Sep 19, 2009 at 12:01PM

We have come to believe that to be a Diva you must be hard to get along with, rude, cussing everybody out over nothing and just plain not nice to be around.

Well I beg to differ, my thoughts on being a diva is a woman who knows who she is and is not afaid to let the world know it.  A woman who is confortable in her own skin and therefore does not need anyone else to validate her self worth.  A diva is a woman who can take care of business and run a business take care of home and still be available for friends and family that need her.  She is faithful and loyal and not afraid of letting others in her world.

In shor a REAL DIVA IS   "Divinely, Inspired, Victorious, Anointed Sister.   Any woman can be a DIVA,  it just takes practice.


have a Divalicious day


beauty is more than skin deep

Posted By mechelle003 on Sep 18, 2009 at 9:50PM

 Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  I know that you all have heard that one before.  And it is, but there is not just what others see in you but what you see in yourself that is the most important thing.

DivaGlam Cosmetics was created ato help you uncover and discover the true beauty that is in all of us and to show you how to create that beauty on the outside.  Look at yourself not through the eyes of others, but through the eyes of yourself, and feel that you are worth taking time to be all that you see yourself being.

Until next Blog,


Have a Divalicious Day


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